Medicine Man at Ostara Lumiere Ball

Royalty West Banquets, 8675 Archer Ave, Willow Springs, Illinois 60480

Music provided by Medicine Man!

The setting is a castle in the haunted woods with the darkness of a new moon in the sky. We will welcome Ostara and the Spring Equinox, to celebrate the Season of Renewal and New Beginnings, with all the Brave Hearts present in the castle. We'll raise our glass and vibration to the Light and party like it's 750C.E.! In the beginning there will be a meet and greet where you can learn of your future, readings for cash available, purchase healing stones, and connect with like-minded people. A family-style feast (vegan avail.) and a 4 hour TOP-SHELF OPEN BAR (a splendid value), will carry us through the night. A contest for best portrayal of Spring, both male and female, and a raffle followed by music from Medicine Man, will top off the night. The snakes are still in Ireland! And Once Upon A Time will become your reality at the Castle - Royalty Banquets 8675 Archer Avenue, Willow Springs, IL 60480. March 17,2018 - 7pm until midnight. Visit our website to learn more